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Are you tired of feeling lost, uncertain or insecure? If you’re feeling like many, you’re ready to reclaim your clarity and step confidently towards your life’s purpose.

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"Working with Molly has been amazing! She has the ability to ask the right questions that are direct and simple, that help me cut through my inner dialogue and cycles of self analysis and self doubt. Thanks to her, I passed another interview! Her coaching and guidance have made a lasting impact and continues to help me be successful. Once again - THANK YOU."

- Chris

"Molly has helped me confront things in my life in a deeper way than I have been able to in my past with counseling. As we planned and looked at the future in our sessions, it made it much more obvious what presently wasn't falling in line with the right path. Molly has been a great advocate for me, and her guidance and help to seek God first has brought many things into alignment."

- Daniel

"I was changing careers and had the same resume writing tools from college. Molly was instrumental in reviewing my resume and getting it up to date in a way that HR would understand clearly and concisely. She also gave additional support on next steps for the application and interview process. Molly provided wrap around support and I'm so grateful for her expertise!"

- Jennifer

One Month JMC Program

One-on-one customized coaching to slay and replace stuck, discouraged and frustrated with Purpose, Joy, Meaning and Peace. As a bonus, you will also be equipped with ‘life’ tools so you can step forward in your journey with confidence and excitement. 3 – 60 Minute Sessions

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One Month Career and Job Search Program

With over 10+ years of experience working with those in job search, I will help you with: Resume Review and Guidelines, Mindset Evaluation + Tips to Working with HR and Recruiters, Mock Interview and Questions You Should Ask Every Hiring Manager (plus, on-demand messaging/advice until you obtain employment). 3 – 60 Minute Sessions

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One-Time Focus Session

Personalized focused session to dive into one issue for swift resolution and action. *For current and former clients only. 1 – 60 Minute Session


My Story

I believe you and your life are too important to spend any more time waiting for things to work out. Improving your life, career or job search can be a tough journey. But, it can be made easy – especially with an experienced guide. Through coaching, my job is to help you unlock the key to your own success. There is so much more for you, and I want to help you discover it.

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