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12 Great Questions for 12 Months of Real Change

12 great questions; new years

The start of each year is a chance for a fresh beginning. However, we typically begin strong and dwindle as the weeks go on. This time, let’s stay in movement throughout the year by asking ourselves these 12 great questions periodically (daily, weekly or monthly) to help us create maximum change for 2020. Click here for a printer friendly version. Happy New Year!


How can I create more space in my life for God and his guidance?

By creating space and time for God, we can more easily hear his voice and create clarity around our goals and direction. How can you create more space in your life for God’s direction?


What has God been calling me to change about myself (or life) that I’ve been resisting?

God always wants the best for us and he knows which goals and choices will bring us joy, meaning and fulfillment. What change have you been resisting? It’s the surest path to creating joy in your life.


If I could achieve 1 major goal this year, what would it be?

Often times, we come up with several goals to accomplish each year which diverts our focus; it can become very overwhelming which may cause us to quit. Choose 1 goal and do it well.

4. Create ACTION

What are 2 steps I can take this week to move me closer to my dream?

Pick 2 actionable items this week and choose two more the week after that and so on. I love the quote by St. Francis of Assisi “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” What can you start doing now?

5. Create MOMENTUM

What distractions can I remove from my life to keep me driving forward?

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Message Alerts. Need I say more? The mediums that interrupt you are what break your focus and drive towards your goals. What can you remove from your life?


How can I respond differently to disappointment?

Our flow in life is all about how we respond. Many things that happen to you are out of your control, but you get to decide how it impacts you. How can you respond to maintain a gentle flow towards success?

7. Create JOY

If I could have 3 fun experiences this year, what would they be?

Joy and fun are just as important as our goals. What would be fun for you to experience this year? What will keep you light, airy and excited about life?

8. Create SELF-LOVE

What is one habit or ritual I can employ to allow personal care in my life?

Often times, we forget to take care of ourselves. If you find you experience burn out, how can you better take care of yourself on a consistent basis?

9. Create FREEDOM

What beliefs or perspectives can I change to give myself inner peace?

Negative beliefs about ourselves or others creates deep inner turmoil and impede our ability to live a joyful existence. Where do you find yourself upset with yourself or others? What is your belief or perspective in that area and how can you change it?

10. Create LOVE

How can I be more present to those around me?

The people we care deeply for need us. How can you turn off the noise in your brain or temporarily set aside your work and interests so that you can give more of yourself to those around you?


How do I want to show up for others?

How do you want others to experience you? As confident? Loving? Generous? Kind? Challenge yourself to be this way regardless of the way others treat you.

12. Create RELIEF

How can I use my gifts and talents to help others more generously?

God has given you so many extraordinary talents and gifts. We all need to check in from time to time and ask ourselves if we are comparing ourselves or trying to be like others to fit in or be liked. God needs you to be YOU for others. What special gifts and talents make you unique and special?

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