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Adult Bullying | How Sophia Reclaimed Her Power

Adult Bullying | Life Coach | Molly RomanHey Sis,

Please tell me what I ever did to you. Please. I beg of you. All I get from you are snide comments, manipulating mind games and adult bullying. You are my one and only sibling and I love you dearly but I can’t continue to please you at my emotional expense.

I do all that I can so that we can get along. I try to be thoughtful, I twist my humor to match yours and I let myself be the brunt of your cruelty without a word. Sometimes, I think if I just wait a little longer, if I just bend around your desires one more time and take more of this adult bullying, things will be different. But nothing seems to work. Your barrage of stinging words and cutting actions persist no matter what course of action I take.

I want our family to feel whole; but I’m starting to think that it is not a possibility. I want you to know that I will always care for you and if you truly need me for anything, I will be there for you. However, it has been twenty-seven years of “taking one for the team” in attempt to make this family a family. It’s time that I stick up for myself. It’s time for me to live my life for me, not for you.

All that has resulted in those years are tears, hurt, anger, resentment and diminished self-esteem. Again, I love you but it’s time to shut the door on that part of our relationship. It’s time to say no to this adult bullying. I am no longer available for your whippings, I am no longer your doormat and I am no longer here to serve for your cruel entertainment. In the end, I wish you well. But I can’t. Not anymore.



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