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Insights to Creating Happiness | Coaching Challenge

Coaching Articles | Molly Roman | Hanz and FranzWow. Lucy’s interview last week was POWERFUL. And I would say a hard act to follow! But I’ll do my best. Lucy really covered what life was like when she did versus didn’t have faith and how her life and happiness transformed as a result. She showed us that with faith, she felt joy, gratitude, peace and excitement – even though she still didn’t have her dream career nor everything she wanted out of life.

She showed us two valuable lessons on how to be happy when change seems like it isn’t coming.

Lucy showed us that things or circumstances don’t create happiness. Am I right or am I right? She thought financial stability would make her happy; but that end goal created misery. When she changed jobs to something less fruitful in her pocket but allowed for work-life balance, she became happy – even though she didn’t have her dream life. She became excited and joyful. And she demonstrated that we don’t have to wait for everything to fall into place to be happy. We can have that now.

She also showed us that life does change. It’s so hard to see the forest through the trees when we feel stuck. But we can look to Lucy’s story for inspiration. There is a reason why her prayers weren’t answered when she wanted them to be. And the result – she was able to purchase a home outright prior to starting her new job where she worked from home thereby alleviating her 1.5 hour commute (that’s one-way people)!

We can never know what the future holds; but what we can know for certain is that God has our back. He sometimes puts us in trying situations so that we can live things like joy and gratitude and love and laughter as Lucy so demonstrates with her story.

My Coaching Challenge to You

If you are in a place in your life you don’t like, take two small steps: Figure out why you don’t like what you don’t so you can begin to identify what needs to change and what you have control in changing. Also ask God for help. He hears you; and He’ll answer – one way or another. Lucy gives us proof.


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