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Insights to Becoming Empowered | Coaching Challenge

Coaching Challenge | Molly RomanI love Rose and her stories. She, most always, puts a smile on my face. Last week, Rose shared her experience of working on a male-dominated team of a male-dominated organization within a male-dominated industry! She has ego running around her in spades. And yet – it empowers her. She takes the bull by the horns and controls her fate rather than allowing it to control her.

Often in our lives, it’s so easy to allow a situation or circumstance hold power. But Rose demonstrates to us that it doesn’t have to. We can all read her story and justify a scenario where someone in her shoes could say – This sucks. I will always be disrespected, I will always be pushed out of the team and I will always be at a disadvantage. But instead we hear Rose saying (in so many words or less) Forget that. I’m a girl boss and I control my life. You don’t. In my mind, she’s a Corporate Rock Star, an inspiration and a role model because she takes what could be a setback and uses it to empower and launch her forward.

So what’s my Coaching Challenge to you?

Let Rose be an example to you. Identify where are you feeling powerless. Where have you given up to your circumstances and setbacks? How can you reclaim your power? How can you take control over your perspectives and the situation (without controlling others)? When you discover these answers, you will then take back your control.


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