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Energize Your Job Search in 6 Steps | Life Coaching Articles

Energize your job search | Life Coaching Advice | Molly RomanIt’s easy during a job search to get discouraged. We apply, network, meet with recruiters and nothing seems to happen! Our energy wanes and we set ourselves on automatic; applying just to apply, networking but not really meeting anyone, trolling online job websites without much focus. When passion and excitement are lost, it impacts the duration of our search and the way we respond to new opportunities (potentially missing out on the right job).

To revitalize and energize your job search, here are 6 steps to get you going.

1. Do not take a break in your search longer than 2 weeks.

Long-term job searches are exhausting. We all want a break from time to time. Looking for a job, and the right one, is tough and arduous. It truly is a fulltime job. But what happens when we take a break from anything? We lose momentum. Keep going, even if it seems like nothing is happening.

2. Energize your job search by opening up to different possibilities.

Often times, what we least expect is exactly the best route for us to take. Be open to hearing about new opportunities that you may have previously dismissed or your pride didn’t allow you to hear. You never know what can come of it. A new connection? A stepping stone to your dream job? Or maybe just some income while you keep looking? Be open to it.

3. Reassess your approach.

If you find networking isn’t getting you anywhere, research best networking tips. See what you can do better and try again. If you stopped using Recruiters because you had one, two or maybe three bad experiences, try it again. In a job search, we want all lanes of opportunity to be open at all times. If something isn’t working, it may be time to reassess your approach.

4. Add gratitude to you daily cup of coffee (or tea) to energize your job search.

In a long-term job search, it’s easy to get down on yourself or focus on the negative aspects of your current job or life. Focus on the positive. Perhaps you have great health insurance at your current company. Or maybe you aren’t working which gives you time to spend with family. Remember – we are in one of the greatest countries on Earth. We have more opportunity, more freedoms and access to better healthcare, benefits and education than any other country. Yeah, things may not be great right now – but you still have it pretty good compared to the rest of the world.

5. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to someone!

Push yourself to the next level. Are you simply sending emails and applying online? Take it one step further. Pick up the phone and talk to someone! Nothing is better than human contact. If you can get face-to-face time, do it. It reminds the person “in power” that you are a human being, not just a resume.

6. Remember that everything is temporary.

Good or bad – most everything truly is temporary. You will get through this search. It really can’t last forever. In fact, I guarantee it. As long as you keep pushing forward and continue to energize your job search, something will happen.

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