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Enjoy Being Single in 4 Steps | Life Coaching Articles

Enjoy Being Single | Life Coaching Articles | Molly Roman

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and singlehood can actually be a blessing if we allow it. We can’t always control when the love of our life will get here. God has a plan and sometimes we or our future someone has to grow a bit more before He puts one and one together. It’s not always easy to enjoy being single, but we have a choice in how we experience it. We can make the best of it, wander through it or even wallow in self-pity. We all need to ask ourselves, How do I want to experience the single life?

Not sure? Here are 4 ways to enjoy being single.

Use your free time to work on yourself. Where is the struggle in your life? What stresses you out? Finances? Health? Career? We can use this time to assess and organize these specific areas of our lives. Someone else isn’t going to solve our problems for us and placing that need on them is a surefire way to sabotage a relationship. So what can you improve today?

Discover Your Purpose. Spend time discerning what God wants for you. God places a yearning in all of our hearts to give us direction towards our unique purpose. When we live in our purpose, we light up; we ignite and feel emotionally rewarded. This passion and zeal then flows through us and creates a new attractiveness and will pull different people towards us. Not sure how to find your purpose? Ask God to reveal it to you and guide you as you migrate towards it.

Create a list of goals and set out to conquer the list! What is going to give you personal fulfillment? What is going to create positive energy in your life? When we do things we love, we become happier and more energetic people. We make our experience enjoyable. And when we conquer goals we love, we likely surround ourselves by like-minded individuals with similar interests, creating an avenue for a potential mate.

Spend time with family. Once married or in a serious relationship, holidays and free time are split with your partner and re-allocated amongst your friends. In an ever increasingly hectic world, time is limited. Value your time while you have it and spend it wisely.


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