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Leading the Way | Jamal Robinson, Entrepreneur and Visionary (Part 2)

Entrepreneur Desiar Jamal Robinson

In Part 1 of our interview with Jamal Robinson, Entrepreneur and Owner of Desiar Eyewear, Jamal shared with us his insights, lessons learnt and personal philosophies that push him forward. This week, learn more about the man and the driving forces behind his success.

Part 2: Be Inspired | An Interview with Jamal Robinson

V-of-G: What does the word ‘success’ mean to you?

Jamal: Success to me is family; it’s the driver for of who I am. No matter the amount of worldly or monetary success I achieve, that’s what is important. It’s leaving a legacy. I want to make my family proud and leave something for the world that wouldn’t be around if I wasn’t there.


V-of-G: Who inspires you?

Jamal: The older I get, the better understanding I have of family. My grandparents for example; hearing their stories, they really inspire me. Hearing about my ancestors inspires me. My mom and dad inspire me. My dad was in multi-level marketing and listened to motivational speeches on tapes. He would play these when we would go on soccer trips. Those messages were engrained in me early on. My mom, she is a hustler; she works harder than anyone I know. I get my work ethic from the both of them.

And then I also look up to people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, to name a few. I really like to study people. I studied Daymond John when I got started. I really like to study Jay-Z and people like that. I put a lot of effort in reading up on them and watching their moves.


V-of-G: What daily habits or routines keep you focused and motivated?

Jamal: My family. Everything I do is for my family. I can’t take my foot off the gas pedal because I’ve made a commitment.

I’ve committed to myself my expectations of life. I’ve committed to being an entrepreneur. I’ve committed to global impact. I’ve committed to wanting to impact others for the better. I’ve committed to running successful business ventures. I committed to these things and committed that to myself. What keeps my eye on the prize, I have a family and beautiful girlfriend that, God willing, will one day be my wife. I’ve committed to being a provider for our family. Those things are what keep me going.

V-of-G: If you could give a gift to everyone on this planet, what would it be?

Jamal: Love. I think that is the one thing that everyone can share with everybody. If you take away hate, prejudice and instead you give love, you receive it. It’s the ultimate gift.


V-of-G: What change do you want to see in this world?

Jamal: That people believe in themselves; I think that belief enables people to go beyond their own expectations. I think that is one thing as I mature and get older, that drives me to be successful (besides being a competitive person). It’s also for the little boy or girl seeing that if I can do it – they can do it too. That belief can’t stop you. At the core of our accomplishments is belief. That’s a change I’d love to see in the world from the most senior person to the youngest. There is never a limit to believing.

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V-of-G: What is your role in developing that change?

Jamal: My vision is to change the world in business and philanthropy by creating global enterprises that enables others to live their dreams. What that breaks down to is the companies or the charitable organizations that I’m a part of, align myself with people whose vision is to do just that. So no matter the industry or sector, that is what I feel my role and responsibility is as a businessman and entrepreneur – to create, start, run, grow businesses and bring along team members that are passionate about that entity or that business. And do that, not just in a confined area, but in a global perspective. And the same front for the non-profit sector too. My role is just moving up my vision, creating global enterprises that help others pursue their dreams. As long as I keep that vision in me, I’ll feel like I’m doing my duty in this world.


V-of-G: How has spirituality played a role in your success?

Jamal: I’m a Christian and I believe that God has a destiny for me. I’m just on the road He’s laid out.

At the beginning of the morning, I think that anything that happens after this point is a bonus. And when I go to the sleep, that’s a double bonus. I made it through the day.

If I don’t go sleep today and God takes me, then I’m okay with that because I know where I’m going. And that’s all based on Faith.


V-of-G: How do you know how to identify God’s guidance?

Jamal: God has always been with me; I just haven’t always been on the same page as him. He is with all of us. But we have to acknowledge his presence and also what’s required of us. That’s part of being human. He gives us options and it’s up to us to decipher. It’s acknowledging he is with us; temptations will always be around and that is the decision he gives us. There is nothing we can do about that. But for me, it’s just acknowledging his presence and being as intentional as I can with doing what’s right. I’ll always fall short, there is only one perfect person. But I don’t have to intentionally fall short and say ‘Oh well, God has my back’. I need to always learn and do better. The more I expose and dive into the bible or going to church or putting myself around spiritual leaders, the more perspective I have.


V-of-G: What advice do you have for someone who has a dream?

Jamal: I believe in you. Anything you want in life, you can make happen. The quote I love the most is by Steve Jobs – “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” That’s my encouragement to anyone.

I believe in you; there are no limits in life, just take a look around. Follow the 4 words. If you have the dream, believe it. If you believe it, do it. If you do it, repeat it – success or failure; start the process again.


V-of-G: What advice do you have for someone who finds themselves discouraged as they work towards their goal?

Jamal: My advice would be “I’ve been there too.” We all get down; we are human. It’s not bad to feel that way. You don’t have to sulk in it or pay attention to it. We all fall short. If you are feeling down or not able to reach your goals, it’s okay. You took a swing; and that is the biggest part. You are taking action. You have 2 options in life: you can sit where you are at or you can say you want to do something different. Each second of the day we have a choice. I would encourage them to acknowledge they are in that space and it’s okay to feel down. But also, you have an option to pick yourself up. We’ve all been there.



This concludes our interview with Jamal Robinson, Entrepreneur, Visionary and Philanthropist. Please leave your comments and let us know what you think!

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