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A Lesson in Faith | From Misery to Gratitude, Lucy’s Then & Now

This is an interview with V-of-G Fabulous Fem, Lucy, taking place over a 2 year stretch. Through this interview, Lucy gives us insights into her daily life from then to now and reveals how she moved from feeling stuck, unfulfilled and unhappy to grateful, alive and excited – all through the act of faith.

The Interview

Faith | Molly Roman | Life CoachAfter hearing what life was like two years ago, what is going on in your mind?

I remember that like it was yesterday. I made the most in commissions that month – the biggest I’ve ever gotten working at that company. There I sat at the beach finally on vacation and had a spa day for myself but I was f*cking miserable. I was getting more and more and more; it was a wake up call that money wasn’t the answer. I’d much rather feel how I feel now than still be making that kind of money.


After hearing the comparison, what are your thoughts?

It doesn’t surprise me; I’m totally aware of how different my life is. I think about it all the time. I’m so grateful for it and so funny how things have to happen in order for them to get to this point. [I] didn’t know why they were happening and they seemed bad at the time, but they end up being the best things ever! I just feel really grateful. That’s all I can say. Honestly, on the way home from picking up the kids, I just felt so happy and excited. I just felt good. I never thought I would feel that way again.


If anything, what would you change about how you lived through the first experience?

The whole time I was miserable. I was always asking Why can’t I change it? Why isn’t anything popping up? Why can’t I quit? And why am I stuck? And I was asking for answers and God wasn’t answering. Is he really there? Is he really listening? It made me question and doubt. But I can now be a 100% witness for the reason I went through what I went through. What I witnessed is that it wasn’t time for him to answer me because I had to do it for 2 years. Specifically when you buy a house, you have to have 2 years of pay stubs! That answer is the most specific one I’ve ever received in my life!

So I would have more faith that there is a reason and that He is listening to me. It’s not always about saying the affirmations and writing down your goals; there is a reason for the season. It can’t change immediately for a reason. It’s not that I’m waiting or He isn’t listening or that I’m in line behind a million people; there is a plan and it’s trusting the plan. I don’t wallow in it like I used to. I know there is a plan, I trust the plan.


From then to now, how are you different?

I’m more grateful; more at peace. I feel very good about everything. I don’t question like I did before. And I used to be like ‘why’ and ‘when’ and now I don’t get all flustered about it.


What would you change about the way you are currently experiencing life?

I would say I’m on track only because now I have more faith that there is a reason why I’m in the place I’m in. While I would like to be in a different place in my career and doing something more creative, I’m okay that I’m not because I 100% believe that if I was doing that I wouldn’t be able to give to my kids what they need right now.


What advice would you give someone that is going through a rough patch in their career or life?

Its hard to give someone advice when they aren’t ready to receive it. And my advice would be different based on the person’s circumstances.

With that said, I would challenge them to 1 – write in a journal and figure out what they are passionate about and what hobbies they like. If they like what they do, but not where they are at, then I would say to look at what you bring to the table and find a company that fits your personality. 2 – they should look at why it is why they are miserable so they know what to look for and change. As long as they are focusing on that and doing everything they can to figure it out, have faith and be patient. There is a plan. But just because there is a plan, doesn’t mean we don’t have to do the internal work. We can’t be complacent.

I’d also say to force yourself to find something to be grateful for. The changes in my life would not have happened if I had felt sorry for myself all the time. It was so important to surround myself with people that supported me and kept me in a grateful mindset. I think if you let yourself wallow, you will – and nothing will change. If you aren’t grateful for what you already do have, things won’t get better.


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