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How to Change Your Life (Hint: It’s Simple!)

If 2020 has shown us anything, it has revealed who we rely on, who we trust and as a result, who we serve. When we rely on, trust and serve someone (or thing), it impacts the course of our lives. But what happens when we don’t like the results or the feelings it evokes within us, like fear? How to change your life has a lot do with Proverbs 4:23 which warns that who you give your heart to determines the choices you make and the direction of your life. We often think about this scripture in terms of a romantic relationship. Don’t give your heart away to just anyone. But this short passage can apply to all relationships: our relationship with God, media/news, money, health, leaders, really anything we entrust enough to guide our choices and direction.

Let’s go through a couple of examples. Let’s say you rely on, trust and as a result, serve those in positions of power. All that you do flows from their voice and into your decisions and thus, impacts the direction of your life. Your hope is set in them and their ability to support you (i.e. rely on), to work in your best interest (i.e. trust) and therefore, you serve them as there really is no other reason to seek support from someone or something else.

The issue here is that humans, are well, humans. We are all fallible. We are all prey to weakness. And we can all make selfish choices. So when we put our full hope in those in positions of power, we place it in someone fallible, and in all reality, doesn’t truly know the best course of action for each one of us.

The same goes for the news (established or self-made on social media). This becomes our master when it takes our time, focus and energy away from the things that matter. How much time are you spending in these areas? How much are you allowing them to dictate your choices? Do they really cause hope and joy? Or are they causing fear, and thus creating choices birthed in fear? How does that flow through you? What does that create in your life?

Now, let’s talk about God. Do you truly rely on, trust and as a result, serve Him? To know if you really do, you will see the results in your life – hope, joy, peace and connection. And not just for you, but for those around you. When we are joy-filled, we are patient with others, we forgive others, we respond with love even when offended. We are able to maintain strong and fulfilling relationships.

Do you have this in your life? Are you able to create joy in your little corner of the world? Or are you essentially giving away the beautiful gift of you by relying on, trusting and as a result, serving a different master? God always knows how to change your life and which personal transformations will create joy. He knows the direction you should take and the choices you should make. No one else – not even you (Sorry, not sorry. I had to say it! I was once there too, and after you start relying on God, you realize how dreadful it really was trying to control everything on your own).

So if you’re tired of the results in your life, if you are tired of serving false gods and you are ready to learn how to change your life, RUN to the true God. Ask Him to show you the way, even if it’s just the next step. He will always guide you to hope, joy and love.

Meditation: Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. – Proverbs 4:23

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