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How to Let Go in 5 Steps | Life Coaching Articles

How to Let Go | Life Coaching Articles | Molly RomanSometimes in life, we are disappointed when a situation or person exits our life. It could be a layoff, a friend breakup, a lost love or even lamenting a time when things were just easier. And sometimes in life, we make a major mistake that we cannot seem to stop replaying in our minds. We can dwell on the accompanying sadness or even feel a bit jaded or nervous. But when we hold on to the past and live in these heavier emotions, our momentum into a brighter future is muted. We can’t move forward and we don’t know how to let go.

The following is based from a section of 20-Something Self-Help “Good At Life: A Guide to Discovering Your True Potential and Creating a Brilliant Life Through Faith, Hope and Love”.

“Letting go” is not pretending that something never happened (i.e. avoidance). Pretending is a façade masking itself as letting go. Letting go is about giving forgiveness to a situation, to another person(s) or to yourself. The purpose of letting go is so that we can move forward. Our life is to be full of rich experiences. But when we hang on to a situation that no longer serves us, we close ourselves off to what the future holds.

In order to have a fighting chance, we can learn how to let go by moving through the following 5 steps:

  1. Know we are enough. All we can do is live in integrity with who we are and do our best every day.
  2. Seek to understand perspectives of others involved. Know that their actions and words are not a projection of us. It is a reality of what they perceive based on their own personal experiences.
  3. Forgive any wrongs we feel are committed by others. Recognize that no one is perfect. We are all on a journey.
  4. Reclaim the need we think the situation or person(s) was fulfilling for us. We can reclaim that need by seeking out that fulfillment within ourselves.
  5. Have faith that what we are experiencing is the best path for us. Some situations are just learning experiences to prepare us for an even better future!

“Letting go” isn’t simple. But if we can learn how to let go, then we can experience substantial benefits. When we trust that the ending of a situation or relationship is the best course of action, we are more adept at moving forward. The past is in the past and all we have is the now and the future.

“The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.” – Anonymous

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