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Job Search Survival 101, I Graduated, Now What? | Sophia’s Story of Uncertainty

Sophia shares her job search experience here.

job search molly roman life coachI can’t… stop… scratching! My neck, my face… It’s unbearable. I just want to jump out of my skin. I have that sinking feeling from my heart down to the base of my stomach. And as a result, I’m gaining weight by the second and my skin is splotchy. I don’t think I’ve slept more than three hours in the past three days. I just want this job search to be over.

Everything seemed like it would be so easy once you graduated. I even got a head start in my job search and started looking a few months prior. I was on cloud nine. It was the end of four years of incredibly hard work and I had a decent GPA which were mostly A’s and B’s. My resume was ready. Career Services tweaked my interview skills. And the best part of all of this is that I finally had time to spend with my family and friends again.

However, a few weeks post-graduation, the job search anxiety began to set in. I have to find a job. My student loans were coming and my bills need to be paid. What the F am I going to do if I don’t get a F’ing job!? So I started applying at grocery stores and for other minimum wage jobs. Nothing. Seems like a college education can’t even get you that! What a crock of sh*t. They promise you the stars and the moon with a college degree and you can’t even get a minimum wage job???

No matter what I did in my job search, no matter how many open roles I applied for and no matter how many times I tweaked my resume and cover letter, I received nothing. I barely got a response. And when I did, it was dehumanizing. I was just another number with a skillset to them. That’s all.

After a few months, I set aside my pride and called a temp agency. I’m done trying to do this on my own. Listen, I know some people think you should be capable of figuring it out alone. But it is tough out there. And besides, I’d rather be happy than prideful. And you know what? I got a job. It may have not been permanent and it may have not been perfect. But working, using my mind, seems like it was the best thing I could have done for myself. If only I had part-time work when I was in the job search. Instead, all I had was idle time to sit in self-loathing and increasing depression. Looking for a job was probably more difficult than any college course, exam or paper. And nothing, I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for that.

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