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2 Steps to Resist Restlessness and Reclaim Your Joy

Joy | Life Coaching Advice | Molly RomanOften times on our path, we hit a moment (or several) of wanting to be further ahead. We want to be over the mountain and through the woods because we feel we are ready to be there, flying high in our accomplishments. The reality, and much to our dismay, is that we aren’t there and maybe not even near our joy. God hasn’t placed us at the finish line just yet. Our time has not come and so we sit waiting and squirming like a toddler in church until the last hymn is sung.

What happens when we want to skip ahead of God’s plan? We begin to feel discouraged. Perhaps we start comparing and form jealousy with our peers (which leads to a whole plethora of divisive outcomes). We could feel self-pity and loathing. And maybe worst of all, we miss out on what sits before us – the gifts of today that create joy, fun and meaningful experiences. What does discouragement, jealousy, self-pity and ingratitude create in our lives? What does that experience feel like? [Answer: nothing fun]

I offer you a 2-step process to overcome this joyless place of agony.

Give your pain away.

Give it over to God. ALL OF IT. Hand it, toss it, throw it, drop it, roll it, splatter it. Just relieve yourself from it. He doesn’t care how you do it. Just let him take care of it for you because he has it all under control. If it’s in your heart, it is meant for you. God will make it happen. But remember, it is on his timeline, not ours. God has a big planet with lots of moving parts and free will. Plus, he works on each one of us to make sure we are ready to receive his gifts. It may take some time.

Refocus on your blessings.

Once we hand over our frustrations, we need to mindfully replace our thoughts with new ones to ensure we focus on what creates joy in our lives i.e. the blessings of today. What good things are sitting right in front of you? How is your life, as is, already amazing? Did you get a good night’s rest? Are you and your family in good health? Did you wake up to a beautiful day? What great things are happening in your life right now? Place your focus there today. Enjoy your current blessings.

Discontent, frustration and self-pity are a sinkhole of despair. We are meant to live joyful and meaningful lives but it is up to us to discover and live that path. Give your frustrations, anxieties and discouragement to God. Let God and the future take care of itself and live for the moments of today.


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