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A Learning Experience in Love | Elisa’s Powerful Story of Finding Love in an Unexpected Place

learning-experienceIt’s another relationship come and gone. This one was different though, maybe even a learning experience. I knew it wouldn’t last from the get go; and I was actually okay with that. He’s a good deal younger than me. We both planned on moving to different cities within the year. We kept it casual, never fully committing. There was an unspoken exclusivity with the caveat that we would break it off if or when we found someone else we would rather be with.

It was a good year with him. I’m proud of myself for choosing that relationship in comparison to the past ones. There was no drama. He never egged on feelings of insecurity. And I didn’t make issues out of everything like I would with past boyfriends. I’m definitely taking that lesson forward with me. I don’t have to bring up everything I’m thinking and address every issue. This was a good learning experience.

I can’t believe we spent that much time together. It just went by so fast. I’m really missing him now. With being in a new city, looking for a permanent place to live, starting a new job – I just want him here with me. Even though he wasn’t technically my boyfriend, I can honestly say that I love and respect him.

I think we both learned a lot from each other and about ourselves because we decided to have that relationship. He was a really nice chapter in my life, a good learning experience; but I know he isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. I want marriage and a family and I don’t think he is ready for that. He also couldn’t handle my emotional side. As long as everything was easy, we were good – and that went both ways. He wasn’t my boyfriend. I wasn’t about to train him for future girls. And I couldn’t expect to rely on him from an emotional standpoint.

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