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The Job of a Mother

Someone recently told me that my job as a mother is sacred. I heard the words, I accepted their comfort, but I didn’t quite feel their full weight. They felt good as it gave me relief that the long days were important. But I realized the sacredness isn’t just about finding worth in my efforts; the sacredness in being a mom is also, and perhaps more so, about the impact we create on our children.

A song came to mind one afternoon that sent me flying back to church during the late 80’s. I heard the strum of the guitar, my mother’s voice relaying the hymn and slowly drifting into my mind, I saw a beautiful vision of her hands and the veins that fed them while gripping the wood pew (Back then, I was likely around 40-inches tall. I couldn’t see much at mass so I had a “fun” game of pressing down the veins in my mom’s hands. Now, in my late 30’s, I realize how much she must have LOVED it…). And as this brief memory of a moment came to a close, I was struck by the realization: The sacredness in a mother’s vocation isn’t so much about giving her self-worth (she is already immensely valuable), it is about shaping her children.

The sacredness of motherhood is that the vocation is a gift for her children, to God’s children.

Now, my kids are extremely rowdy. They are high energy, make a heck of a lot of noise and are visibly chaotic. Looking at all of the other moms and their seemingly well-behaved, quiet children, it makes a woman take pause. It makes it feel like the job done is not so well done and perhaps could even be considered a failure. But I’m realizing that my children’s behavior isn’t what matters here. What matters is the impact, what they will take forward with them in the future, what they will look back on, just as I now have, and recall the woman at the helm with great fondness because of the love she gave and the feelings she invoked within them.

For a moment, think about your own childhood. Who resides in most of your memories? Maybe it’s not even your biological mother, but rather someone who took the job as a mom in another capacity. Reflecting on my childhood, almost all of my memories involve my mother. Even if she wasn’t actively engaging with me, she was there. Maybe it was her gentle tone in the background, her sacrificing as she scrubbed the rust-colored floors of our sunroom or perhaps just her presence was enough to create an impact. We always had a meal (to be specific, roast chicken and boiled carrots), clean clothes and a mostly, worry-free life. Because my mother took the caregiver role, the majority of my memories include her, even if she just warmed the recollections with her presence.

There is something so special about being a mother.

So if you feel your job as a mother doesn’t matter or that you aren’t doing it well, remember that your children will remember you, even if it’s just you being a side story to their memory or someone in the background. They will remember how they felt with you by their side – safe, cared for and loved. And no memory and no impact could ever be greater than that.

Keep up the good work, Mom. Thank you for the important job you are doing and please, have the happiest Mother’s Day.

Who You Are

Do you know who you are? Or has society and governing bodies told you who you can be? In our culture, we have seen labels used more and more to define groups of people. And we have let these man-made, manufactured titles define us. But here is the problem, labels limit us severely and in some forms, they are actually demeaning. Does one word really define all of you? I don’t think so; you are so much more! In a society where we give these labels power, I believe it’s time we start dismissing them.

Hear me out.

What these particular labels do is tell us that our total-sum worth is equivalent to that title. And they tell us we aren’t more than that, we can’t be more than that and we are not uniquely designed by God for specific plans, but instead are made to be and are perceived to be whatever that label defines us as. What’s more is that these labels tell everyone else that’s all we are too. Do you really want to be categorized like a crayon in a box? Or do you want to tear out of that cardboard and color the world with all of the unique, beautiful gifts God gave you?

I am all for cherishing who we are and raising each other up based on various attributes. However, the problem arrives when our worth and the worth of others are found in these categories; that’s when we limit ourselves and each other.

For example, I am a woman and my woman-ness is to be cherished. But being a woman doesn’t make me important. I am a mom and motherhood is to be cherished. But motherhood does not create my value. Again, I am a wife, a sister, a friend, a child, but I am also more than all of the perceptions that go along with these labels. And I will tell you, I am absolutely more than a skin tone, an economic status, career success, and on and on and on. Depending on who does the perceiving, there are so many bias’s – both good and bad – attached to all of these labels (and they change all the time!).

Know this: When we let these labels define us, they confine us.

So answer the following. Who does God say you are? What labels would He give you? From scripture, we know that God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139) i.e. You are unique and for a specific purpose. He also says that you are God’s temple (1 Corinthians 3:17) i.e. You are sacred. What else? A child of God (John 1:12) i.e. You are cherished and immensely valuable. One more, yet there are several to choose from. Simply put, you are love (Genesis 1:27 and 1 John 4:8) i.e. You are a gift.

We are God’s and because God is infinite and perfect, a label in Him expands you rather than confines you.

So you see, the labels of our time are often of the ego, about proving one’s worthiness or relevance (or on the opposite and more aggressively, proving another’s unworthiness in order to make ones self feel worthy! – you might need to read that one twice). But the ego is the opposite of love i.e. the opposite of God. When one gives their self a label to prove their worthiness as a human being (or gives someone else a label to prove their unworthiness, in order to make themselves feel worthy), it’s likely rooted in anger or resentment. So the real solution to wanting to be seen or heard or recognized isn’t to confine yourself or others to one word; it is to seek healing from the hurt and pain you’ve experienced.

The world needs the real you, not just the label, the confined, restricted version. We want all of you – all of the little, lovable, hilarious, kind and generous specs that make up who you are. So, cast aside the restrictive man-made labels of our day and be the limitless person God created you to be.

Rise Up: What it’s all about

No matter where we are in our lives, if we have any type of goal (spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, financial, etc), we all want a helping hand to help us rise up to the next level. Maybe we just want encouraging words to give us confidence. Or perhaps we want a mentor or colleagues to help guide our steps. Or maybe and quite literally, we want a hand reaching down to pull us up to the next level.

But if you’ve ever striven for something, you know that very few people are at the top, and most of us are climbing, evolving, hurdling towards our end goal. While this is very natural, it leaves an incredible gap in the process. If everyone wants to rise up, who is really left to provide that level of assistance?

So what’s the solution?

We are. And it’s quite simple because we can each provide the hand to the next person and pull them up beside us. We can all encourage others – even those along the same path.

Where we trip up is in our human frailty. Perhaps it’s fear of lack, a shortage of faith or simply put, greed. And maybe, it is an intense focus on the self and our own goals, causing us to miss what is needed by those around us. Whatever it may be for you, lean into it. Ask God to help you discern the choices you are making and the people you are investing in.

Are you only investing 100% in yourself and those that will advance your desires (i.e. self-serving)? Or are you spending some of that time investing in and encouraging others without expectation of return? If you only focus on yourself and what you are building, in the short-term, you’ll likely see positive results. In the long-term, you may even be successful. But with success taken without consideration of others, you will, with all certainty, come up empty.

So the questions to ponder (physically write down your answers to ensure you truly give this thought): Who do you want to be for others? With your goals, what are your desired outcomes? If you believe helping others rise up and success in your own goals cannot co-exist, lean into faith and God’s plan for you. If you believe there isn’t enough time, customers, [fill in the blank] for you to lift up others as you rise up, lean into faith and God’s plan for you. And, if you just want it all without concern for others along your path, lean into faith and God’s plan for you. There is more than enough for everyone to rise up together.

Who can you help along their path this week?

Meditation: Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. – Luke 16:10

Meditation: Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

YOU Can Change the World!

Change starts with all of us. When we change ourselves, we change our lives and essentially, change the world. What we do, who we are and the intention behind our actions ripples across our families, communities and planet. If you are sick and tired of the world as it is, it’s time to look within and fine-tune the marvelous creature God created you to be.

This is one very connected world, now more than ever before in our human history. We are all called to show up and get to work, not just for ourselves and our family line, but for each other. We are NOT products of our circumstances; we get to choose the outcome. God created us to be POWERFUL. So let’s show 2021 what’s up and start making change TODAY.

Think it’s impossible? Wrong. Here are 12 everyday people, just like you, sharing their stories of how they made small shifts in 2020 that created big results.

1 – Create DIRECTION.

My struggle against busyness is the very center of my pursuit to spend more time and create more space for God in my life. About two years ago I started actively working against busyness in my life. Saying no to activities, events, people, and sometimes even extra business to try and keep myself in a state of balance that opens up space for God. But this year it took a surprising turn. As COVID life descended on us in March and helped clear the schedule on its own, I continued to find myself much busier than I would like. After praying about this never-ending busyness that I was immersed in, God helped show me that it was self-inflicted. 

My own perception of who I am or thought I should be in several circles of my life was creating expectations that kept me busy. How good of a financial advisor I was, how good I am at golf, how good of a family member I am, how good of a friend I am. Each one of those identities held separate expectations that required constant activity to maintain those perceptions. 

What a crazy realization it was to find out that “I”am keeping myself from God because of my pride and self-worth in things outside of Him. As I meditate on this and continue to pray over this in my life, space for God becomes more of a natural state as my self-worth in other things erodes.  

Pro tip: By creating space and time for God, we can more easily hear His voice and create clarity around our goals and direction. How can you create more space in your life for God’s guidance?


I tend to resist change for so long that God usually has to swoop in and make it happen for me. (I thrive on security.)

After having my first child at the end of 2019, I knew it was time to focus on my dream of writing as a profession. When you have a baby, your availability for anything else goes down by about 75%. My free time became infinitely more valuable, and I felt a strong pull to double-down on growing the acorn of a gift God gave me with writing.

Even though I was uncharacteristically decisive in that final meeting with my boss (who was very supportive), I realized my confidence came from small but carefully-laid bricks I had been putting down for years, paving the way to that particular moment with my boss where I could say goodbye to a steady paycheck and bet on God and myself.

Pro tip: God always wants the best for us and He knows which goals and choices will bring us joy, meaning and fulfillment. What change have you been resisting? It’s the surest path to creating joy in your life.


Accomplishment this year was really a result of community building. By God’s grace, any accomplishment this year was truly based on the belief that it takes a village and that we are here for each other. At a time when we had to remain distant, I was fortunate to build more relationships virtually than it may have ever been possible in-person and because of that, was able to make strides with Mission: Motherhood to move programming forward for our community. 

Pro tip: Often times, we come up with several goals to accomplish each year which diverts our focus; it can become very overwhelming which may cause us to quit. Choose 1 goal and do it well.

4- Create ACTION.

This year, I decided to take a big step in my business and launch it. However, I’m a full-time mom, homeschooling my two kiddos, with a husband working a full time job, in graduate school and working towards his commercial pilot certificate. Needless to say, time isn’t something I have an abundance of. Although I had limitations, I took consistent action towards my goal, whether it was attending a networking event, finding and purchasing a domain name, or working on my business, even if just for a half hour at a time. Consistency and action (no matter how big or small) allowed me to propel forward in my business. 

Pro tip: Pick 2 actionable items this week and choose 2 more the week after that and so on. I love the quote by St. Francis of Assisi “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

5 – Create MOMENTUM.

What I’ve found this past year is that my greatest distractions revolved around being too focused on things in my environment that I had literally no control over. For me, there were many times when it felt to me like I was skidding off the road and heading straight for a concrete wall. Eventually I realized that if I continued to focus on the part of the road I was wanting my “car” to go, the wheels eventually caught and my car got out of the skid! The lesson for me is to focus on what I most want, not on fearful distractions

Pro tip: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Message Alerts. Need I say more? The mediums that interrupt you are what break your focus and drive towards your goals. What can you remove from your life?

6 – Create RESILIENCY.

I’m an artist and mom of three. Life is beautiful and chaotic at the same time. To say that this year has been challenging is an understatement. In order to stay in a positive mindset on a daily basis, I started implementing a little mind trick.

If something disappointing happens, I think of the inverse of the situation and why it could be a positive. For example, if I lose out on a commission opportunity because what I quoted was out of their budget. Instead of painting that one item for them, I now have more time on my hands to start a new project. I can use that time to make a new collection of paintings, which adds more robust listings to my website. I make timelapse videos of everything I paint which makes for fun social media content. The more people see me creating, the more ideas they have for requesting a painting of their own. Boom! My custom request list fills back up! 

Pro tip: Our flow in life is all about how we respond. Many things that happen to you are out of your control, but you get to decide how it impacts you. How can you respond to maintain a gentle flow towards success?

7 – Create JOY.

The secret of my joy is grounded in my relationship with Christ. Joy does not come from outward circumstances but inward strength. It’s confident assurance of God’s love and work in our lives… even in hardships.

Pro tip: Joy is just as (if not more) important as our goals. How can you create joy in your life? What will keep you light and airy, and thus in consistent contribution to yourself and others?

8 – Create SELF-LOVE.

2020 has been a challenging year for a lot of us in terms of our relationship with food. Being stuck at home a lot more than usual, gyms closing for months, and our normal routine being turned upside down triggered a lot of us to either binge on quarantine snacks (normal) or face our obsession with body image and food. For many of us, 2020 was marked by bingeing, restricting and then guilt and shame that we couldn’t maintain the restrictions.

After years of self-imposed and diet-culture imposed restrictions, I finally overcame my obsession with food perfection (orthorexia) and shrinking my body, which has been a many decade obsession, stemming from childhood insecurities. I can honestly say I will not give any more of my money to a diet program, detox, cleanse or sneaky “lifestyle” program that is actually a diet. Instead I am choosing to love and respect myself and my body as it is right now. For many of us, these programs we sign up for to transform our bodies actually take us away from self-love and disconnect us from our own intuition about what our body actually needs. 

Pro tip: Often times, we forget to take care of ourselves during the busyness of our lives. If you find you experience burn out, how can you better take care of yourself on a consistent basis?

9 – Create FREEDOM.

This year has been an incredible transformation for me. I have encountered myself in all shapes and formats. The biggest challenge was that I felt I am not doing enough, I should be better and do more, which are very solid beliefs of mine generally, which took hold when I became a mom a few months ago. 

I feel society pushes all of us constantly to be “doing” or “achieving” rather than just “being” present, aware, loving and happy. 

My daily practice is to be present and kind, accepting that I am enough & doing what I can with my never ending to-do list (who hasn’t one of these!). This gives me an incredible sense of relief and I sincerely believe more of us should stop and observe all the good we do and have and try to be kinder to ourselves which makes us feel more whole and live purposefully.

Pro tip: Negative beliefs about ourselves or others creates deep inner turmoil and impedes our ability to live a joyful existence. Where do you find yourself upset with yourself or others? What is your belief or perspective in that area and how can you change it?

10 – Create LOVE.

Being there for those who need me means I have to have my daily affairs in order. If I am not organized, there is no way I will be able to give of myself the way I need to (especially with a level head). 

For example, I wake up early in the morning. The house is quiet and I can be intentional about how to start my day.  To me, success means showing up for people who love and need me with grace and poise, while checking off priority items. Organization, intentionality and time management are guiding musts. 

With anything, having a plan is part of the key to success, but the ability to pull it through on a consistent basis, in order to build habits is another. Life showed up over and over in 2020, inevitably we got off track- but I am committed to being and doing my best and that means we re-route to get back on path to what we know will work, and the family is always the focus of that.  

Pro tip: The people we care deeply for need us. How can you turn off the noise in your brain or temporarily set aside your work and interests so that you can give more of yourself to those around you?


Over the years I’ve been asked on multiple occasions how to walk through times of crisis, both personally and professionally while remaining intentional to respond in love. These three points provide a framework for creating meaningful relationships and will honor God and bless your family by leaving a legacy they can be proud of.

1 – Humility: It is important to always be mindful of ways I can be value-able. I must be able to humbly add value to others as well as able to humbly allow others to add value to me.

2 – Wisdom: How I show up can differ depending on who I will be with. Wisely regulating the degree of how I show up has nothing to do with being real; it does though have everything to do with demonstrating love in wisdom to be transparent, vulnerable and genuine.

3 – Identity: For me to present myself in a manner that honors God, regardless of who I am with or what environment I am in, I must be confident in knowing whose I am. Having chosen to trust in Jesus Christ, I am more able to provide consistency in my relationships.

Pro tip: How do you want others to experience you? As confident? Loving? Generous? Kind? Challenge yourself to be this way regardless of the way others treat you.

12 – Create RELIEF.

I have had the great privilege to be part of Associated Churches over the past few years and have seen first hand how this organization provides extraordinary relief to the community. Whether it’s assisting expecting / new moms, those in food crisis, veterans or teens, Associated Churches summed up in one word is ‘relief’. Even though not-for-profits have suffered this year too, Associated Churches always has an open door to those in need. What an amazing and generous gift to give to others.

Pro tip: God has given you so many extraordinary talents and gifts. We all need to check in from time to time and ask ourselves if we are trying to be like others to fit in or be liked. God needs you to be YOU for others. What special gifts and talents make you unique and special?

How to Change Your Life (Hint: It’s Simple!)

If 2020 has shown us anything, it has revealed who we rely on, who we trust and as a result, who we serve. When we rely on, trust and serve someone (or thing), it impacts the course of our lives. But what happens when we don’t like the results or the feelings it evokes within us, like fear? How to change your life has a lot do with Proverbs 4:23 which warns that who you give your heart to determines the choices you make and the direction of your life. We often think about this scripture in terms of a romantic relationship. Don’t give your heart away to just anyone. But this short passage can apply to all relationships: our relationship with God, media/news, money, health, leaders, really anything we entrust enough to guide our choices and direction.

Let’s go through a couple of examples. Let’s say you rely on, trust and as a result, serve those in positions of power. All that you do flows from their voice and into your decisions and thus, impacts the direction of your life. Your hope is set in them and their ability to support you (i.e. rely on), to work in your best interest (i.e. trust) and therefore, you serve them as there really is no other reason to seek support from someone or something else.

The issue here is that humans, are well, humans. We are all fallible. We are all prey to weakness. And we can all make selfish choices. So when we put our full hope in those in positions of power, we place it in someone fallible, and in all reality, doesn’t truly know the best course of action for each one of us.

The same goes for the news (established or self-made on social media). This becomes our master when it takes our time, focus and energy away from the things that matter. How much time are you spending in these areas? How much are you allowing them to dictate your choices? Do they really cause hope and joy? Or are they causing fear, and thus creating choices birthed in fear? How does that flow through you? What does that create in your life?

Now, let’s talk about God. Do you truly rely on, trust and as a result, serve Him? To know if you really do, you will see the results in your life – hope, joy, peace and connection. And not just for you, but for those around you. When we are joy-filled, we are patient with others, we forgive others, we respond with love even when offended. We are able to maintain strong and fulfilling relationships.

Do you have this in your life? Are you able to create joy in your little corner of the world? Or are you essentially giving away the beautiful gift of you by relying on, trusting and as a result, serving a different master? God always knows how to change your life and which personal transformations will create joy. He knows the direction you should take and the choices you should make. No one else – not even you (Sorry, not sorry. I had to say it! I was once there too, and after you start relying on God, you realize how dreadful it really was trying to control everything on your own).

So if you’re tired of the results in your life, if you are tired of serving false gods and you are ready to learn how to change your life, RUN to the true God. Ask Him to show you the way, even if it’s just the next step. He will always guide you to hope, joy and love.

Meditation: Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. – Proverbs 4:23

Born Resilient: Why You Can Overcome Anything

The coronavirus year of 2020 has taken its toll on many. Some have lost their lives, others their jobs and for most everyone – our general way of life because nothing is normal about this year. People have become tired. And with another looming winter upon us, some (or most) of us just want to throw in the towel and be done with this. Done with the social distancing, the masks, working and learning from home, all of it; it’s exhausting. But the reality is that covid isn’t quite done with us. And as we see cases on the rise again, it’s easy to feel defeated. But this is what I love about all of it: God created us to be resilient. Yes! You, me, everyone and every thing. We will get through this.

Think about a weed. A measly, insignificant weed. Every time that weed is cut down, it comes back. Every time that weed is pulled out, guess what? Its root is so deep, that weed pops out of the ground again. And when a weed does establish itself, it is almost impossible to get rid of. Now if God created a weed and gave it that level of resiliency, then he definitely gave it to us too.

Of all the years this planet has been around, we have survived, endured and in most cases, flourished. Covid will be a blip on the radar in the long run. It may feel unending at this time, but remember – you are resilient, powerful and strong. And you are more important to God than any weed. He created you in a way so that you won’t only survive or endure, you will with all certainty, flourish.

Resiliency is a muscle. The more adversity you face, the stronger you become. Know that the crisis in front of you will only build you out into a more dynamic, bold and powerful individual. Hold on to hope and embrace the pain because that struggle is exactly what fine tunes the magnificent person God created you to be.

Meditation: Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. – Romans 3:3-4

How to Create Hope from Hopelessness

Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Ergo, hope is essentially a belief that what we want to happen will actually occur. Hopelessness steps in when our beliefs change – when we start believing that what we wanted to happen will never ever happen and that something unpleasant will, in fact, transpire. That feels heavy just typing it. Take a moment and imagine what hopelessness does to our momentum, our choices and our impact on one another. It’s not pretty. So it’s important during these times to challenge the beliefs of impossibility and our thoughts around it.

We can ask ourselves a few questions to help us when we feel hopeless:

  • Where do my beliefs come from?
  • What makes them true?
  • What proof do I have to support my beliefs and is it helpful?

I’m willing to bet that your answer to the last question is that you actually don’t have any real proof. And that is because often times, our hope comes from the environment around us, not a pure source. Some examples of that environment may be words spoken to us by friends and family, the news / social media or past experiences. The problem with developing hope and beliefs from these areas is that they are of this world.

Now don’t get me started on the news, but the news thrives when we are captivated in fear. They tell the version of the story that will suck us in and lock the door behind us. Let’s please not base our hope from there because the news is mostly in the business of creating hopelessness. Our friends and family are people and people are fallible. Even if they have the best of intentions, their opinions on our possibilities may not be accurate and instead based on their own experiences or insecurities. And past experiences – just because something happened once or even several times, does not mean it will happen again.

So where should we find our hope? Where is a pure source of belief? The answer is always simple to life’s big mysteries. And to this one, the answer is God. It’s in developing a relationship with Him and going to Him with our anxieties. We can ask Him what to hope for. Only He knows the plans for each of our lives. Our family and friends, as much as they may try to help, do not know. Past experiences certainly do not and neither does the news. Even when everything may appear to be falling apart, it still does not mean that the future is bleak. Take it to God. Take everything to Him. Only He knows what the future holds for you.

But perhaps you are praying, and not finding the answer right away. While we wait, we can all do as Jesus taught and simply love one another. We can strive to focus on today and let the worries of tomorrow go. We can show up for others in a kind, patient and loving way. And we can help our brothers and sisters in need even if it just means listening, truly listening. Who do you want to be? What do you want to create? How do you want to show up for your friends, family, children and co-workers?

So will you join me and challenge your beliefs when you feel hopelessness? Will you lean on God, create a relationship with Him and focus on others? It’s a simple formula that won’t just create greater joy in your life, but for everyone around you.

Meditation 1: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Meditation 2: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

Restore Peace in 4 Simple Steps

Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance. But our current environment has been anything but! Coronavirus, financial uncertainty, protests. Some necessary, some we could do without. But here we are. And we will find a way through it. But as we navigate these times, will we restore peace in our lives and in the lives of those we touch? Or will we create more divisiveness? The choice is ours.

Step 1: Give grace abundantly away.

Right now, throw that grace around. Sprinkle it on your dinner and dish it out to everyone you know. The majority of us are under stress and that makes us reactive. And reactions are usually misaligned with how we would like to respond. No one is perfect and remember that fact next time you get upset with someone or their opinions. We all learn and grow every day – you, me, everybody. Give out some grace. Restore peace.

Step 2: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

So I deactivated my facebook account a few weeks ago and recently hopped onto my husband’s account to checkout Marketplace. And then it happened: I hit the newsfeed and was sucked in. Once I pulled myself away, I realized that there was a huge lack of understanding. No one and I mean NO ONE sought to understand someone else’s opinion before demanding that everyone believe and follow what they said. Talk about chaos and divisiveness! I encourage everyone (myself included) to simmer down, and to remember to seek understanding of another’s thoughts, feelings and perspectives before responding. In doing so, we will all benefit and our communication will flow much more generously and peacefully.

Step 3: Live by Example.

Our impact literally never ends, but our opinions do. And while those opinions are at it, they create disagreement and can destroy peace. Have you ever noticed that when someone states an opinion on social media, they get a bunch of ‘likes’ from those that agree and comments from those who don’t? Opinions just rally people who already agree with you around you. It doesn’t create any real change. If you want to change your community, live by example. Do something. Be something. Create change through action and inspire change by example.

Step 4: Limit Your Intake.

The news sells fear to crank up their ratings. And social media is saturated with opinions and reposts of the news. Take a breather from it all. See what life is like without all of the extra noise. Create peace of mind and let your impact flow from there.

Do you have other strategies to restore peace? Share with others in the comment section below.

How You Can Give Back Today

Part of the difficulty during this period of time is that we can’t do much. We are literally confined to our homes and told to distance ourselves. On top of that, our financial stability may feel uncertain as we face new challenges many of us have never seen in our lifetimes. So what do we even have left to give? What could we possibly do to help right now?

How you can give back is simple: Be exactly the extraordinary person God created you to be.

God created each of us with many gifts and talents and each one of these contributions are unique, yet dependent on one another (Check out 1 Corinthians 12 – It’s one of my favorites!!). You are the gift and the gift of you is necessary to this planet, right now, today. This is a time we can all rise up and truly come together as a community – regardless of our differing beliefs, thoughts and opinions – to support each other. What we do for one, no matter how big or small, creates an impact on the others life. So what I do impacts you and what you do impacts me. And together, through small and large gestures alike, we create community.

You may be wondering how you can give back, or what gifts and talents you can to bring to the table. I love our humanness because we are so much more than what we ‘do’; we are more than laborers, professionals or stay at home parents. While these occupations are important and we learn a substantial amount of skills through them, we are dynamic and our humanness adds to the amazing abilities we’ve already acquired through those experiences.

So what could these other skills be? Some examples of the gifts and talents that can be shared with others include:

  • Being a good listener
  • Providing wisdom, emotional support, spiritual support or encouragement
  • Teaching or offering a service from one of your hobbies: Gardening, woodworking, sewing, baking, etc.
  • Praying for others and for our leaders to make sound decisions (1 Timothy 2:1-2)
  • Being light-hearted, humorous or gregarious (thank you to those with these special talents!!)
  • Offering personal financial analysis or budgeting help
  • Providing resume review and job search advice
  • Being good with children (while you may be unable to interact with kids, you can provide tips and activity ideas to grateful parents)
  • Artistic abilities such as providing craft ideas or creating and gifting your work to uplift another
  • Musical talents – Could you imagine life without music right now?? That would be unsurvivable!!
  • Not sure what you can do? Everyone can do a random act of kindness, lend a hand, write a thoughtful note or simply give a smile.

The gifts and talents God has given each of us are truly unlimited when we are united together. I look around at those in my life and I see these gifts spring up right in front of me. My neighbor is a teacher and is excellent with children. I could learn SO much from her. My mom is always upbeat and encouraging. What an amazing gift to offer others right now. My husband is physically strong – imagine what he could do to help neighbors and elderly around their yards! All of my siblings and friends are gifted in their own ways: hilarious, wise, creative, patient, gentle, peaceful, resilient, supportive and optimistic. They each are a gift in just sharing that part of themselves with others.

So what are your God-given gifts and talents you can share during this time? What can you give freely and generously with no expectation of return? How can God use you? Don’t ask permission to be generous. Share you gifts and talents today. Hear me!! YOU ARE NEEDED.

Meditation: Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. – 1 Corinthians 12:12

*To discover you spiritual gifts, visit The Catherine of Siena Institute for more information on their Called and Gifted program (C&G). Interested in their workshop? Call St. Vincent’s Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana to sign up for their next C&G workshop on Saturday, October 10.

Who Are You Being?

Who are you right now? Who are you being? Are you truth? Are you love? What about peace and hope? Or are you fear? Are you anger? Are you distrust and discouragement? What are you giving to others? And what is that creating in your home, within your friendships or even on social media?

The current landscape of this world is a sea of chaos, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, anger and hysteria. And it’s easy to be swept away into its dark and ominous waves. But if we allow it, we won’t just keep our heads above water, we will be swallowed whole and unified with its wrath. Fear and chaos then become our new narrative that controls the focus of our minds, and thus dictates our entire lives. We are no longer free, but now slaves to its blows and an extension of its fear-inducing tentacles.

We can all look at fear and understand what it creates: hopelessness, greed, anger, discouragement, war, hatred, broken relationships, depression and unfortunately, the list goes on. One may argue that fear and anger create passion for change. We may believe that our outrage or anger can sway hearts. But the ultimate truth is that feeding the storm doesn’t create the change we seek. It creates more of what’s already there, not just in the community, but in your own life and in the lives of those you care for most. If we speak anger, we anger others. If we speak frustration, we frustrate others. We create what we give.

Each one of us is responsible for who we are in this storm and its ripple effects. Over the last few weeks, I’ve both seen and taken part in its violence. Personally, and at different times and varying levels, it created stress, fear, darkness, anxiety, anger, self-righteousness, arrogance and hopelessness. When I allowed it to flow out of me to my family or on social media, I created more of it. And not just for me – for others too.

But, that’s not who I want to be for others; I want to be different. I don’t want to be the one that incites anger, fear, dread, drama and anxiety. I want my ripple effect to create hope, love, joy, generosity and peace. Each one of us has a choice in how we respond to what’s going on around us. Each one of us can create real and lasting change that results from the clarity of living and giving peace, hope and love. How will you respond to this storm and as a result, what will you create in your life and in the lives of those you touch? You can change it all in an instant.

Meditation: “Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.” – Psalm 43:3