Become ‘Good At Life’

Good at Life serves young adults in creating a life of greater meaning and fulfillment. With spiritual undertones and a lighthearted approach, this self-evolution book is sure to educate, entertain and inspire its audience towards success – as they define it!

Using thoughtful frameworks, Good at Life guides readers to discover their individual purpose while offering complete freedom to create and choose the final outcome and empowers the reader to create new strategies towards their personal success. The reader may be challenged to stretch beyond their current perceived limitations as these restraints are likely what hold them back from living with fulfillment today.

Catherine of Sienna may have said it best. “If we become what God crated us to be, we will set the world ablaze.” How would we transform singularly and totally if we all lived with the fulfillment that is derived from living our purpose? What would the world look like if we collectively lived with purpose? What would we create if everyone held the belief ‘we are all in this together’? By understanding the fundamentals of Faith, Hope and Love and using the frameworks provided by Good at Life, the answers to these questions emerge as each one of us transitions into a purpose-filled life.

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