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4 Ways to Thrive in a Man’s World | Life Coaching Articles

Life Coaching Articles | Molly RomanDid you know the amount of women compared to men in the workforce is almost equivalent? And the amount of women in managerial roles is similar to that of men? We may easily come to the conclusion that there are no ‘boys clubs’ anymore. But the fact is, there are. There are specific industries and occupations that are male dominated. There are woman (and men) in industries throughout America where they are the ‘odd man out’ (excuse my pun). So how do they thrive in it? How do they fly above when the good ole boys club comes down on them?

Curious? Check out these 4 ways to thrive in a man’s world:

Be better, perform better, produce quality deliverables. Regardless of where you work and who you work with, produce quality products – whether it is a spreadsheet, a presentation or a sales pitch. To make it in any company and to truly excel, always do your best. In most companies, Management wants to promote a high performer that will save or create money or time – man or woman. If they still don’t promote you and they consistently choose low performing men over you, then it’s time to use the amazing skills you learned through achieving excellence somewhere else.

Avoid hurting the ego until you are in a position of power. It’s unfortunately true. Most men are ego driven. The younger they are, the more likely they have ego issues. It isn’t true with all men. But it is with a good number. Until you are in a position of power, learn tact. After all, that will serve you throughout your career with anyone.

Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated. Lead by example. None of us are any better than anyone else if we sink down to their level. Always seek to rise above when treated unequally. Avoid reacting and instead respond with the kindness and compassion you seek for yourself.

Stand up for yourself; don’t roll over or act like what they say is okay. Don’t react with emotions but still stand up for yourself with facts and logic. When you allow someone to disrespect you or treat you unfairly you, you teach them how to interact with you going forward. Tips for confrontation: Take the person aside and speak to them unemotionally. Lay out the facts and tell them how they can treat you going forward. Avoid retaliating or humiliating them in front of others.


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