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Love Bears All Things, Believes All Things, Hopes All Things And Endures All Things | The Love Series

Wk9Article-wpJust reading the title feels like a burst of fresh air or an ice cold glass of water on a hot day. It’s invigorating! Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. We went from weeks of identifying the results of love (or lack thereof) and how to create the fruits of love. Now we get to see how being love affects our minds, our beliefs and our way of thinking.

Love bears all things protects us emotionally. When we are operating in love (i.e. free of the ego), we are understanding, we are kind in the face of rudeness, we are patient with others. We don’t react, we don’t get angry and we don’t lose our temper; we are emotionally untouchable.

Love believes all things. We aren’t naïve but rather unassuming. We automatically look for the best in one another, for one’s essential goodness. We know that underneath everyone’s exterior is love. We don’t view the world as a horrible place where everyone is out to get us or that everyone has ill intentions. We view it with a sincere belief that everyone has kindness within them.

Love hopes all things. When we are free of fear, the ego, we see everything with the eyes of possibility. We see potential everywhere we look. Anything and everything has a solution.

Love endures all things. There is such a feeling of excitement when we are free from our ego and can feel pure uninhibited love. It’s an overwhelming joy. When we feel joy, nothing is too insurmountable, too difficult, too high to climb. We are excited about the journey, not discouraged. We persevere no matter what.

Take a moment and reflect on someone in your life that you just want the best for them, that all you want is to see them succeed. This could be a friend, a partner or a child. We look at these people through the frames of love. We bear all things in that we are able to respond to them instead of react when they are upset. We believe all things because we know their heart is good. We hope all things and see the possibilities that lie before them. And we endure all things for them; we would lay in the middle of the road on a busy highway if that would help them succeed. That is the mindset of love.

Imagine if we had that mindset for everyone, including ourselves. What would our world look like? I can see harmony, peace, teamwork, friendly faces, a helping hand, people living in their purpose (or on their way to it), joy, commitment, understanding, excitement, partnerships, compassion, empathy, happiness, fulfillment, kindness, generosity, patience, courage, creation, knowledge, service, support, faith, hope, gentleness and so on. We would eradicate depression, anxiety, hopelessness, hunger, war, betrayal, distrust, corruption, loneliness, hatred, anger, destruction, etc. My question for you is what do you see? What do you want your life to be? Do you want the results of loves promise? Or the results of its absence? What do you want your family to look like? Your friendships to look like? Your community to look like? This world to look like?

Change yourself, change your life and you will change the world. To receive this week’s self-studies for Love Bears All Things Believes All Things Hopes All Things and Endures All Things, follow Verge of Greatness on Instagram @v.of.g.

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