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Love is Kind (And Sometimes… A Choice) | The Love Series

Wk2Article-wpLove is kind and kindness is a warmth that can be given through our words, time and resources. We can be kind by lending a thoughtful compliment, being a listening ear, volunteering at a non-profit or donating goods. It’s being generous and sharing what we have with others to fulfill one or many of their current needs.

There are three scenarios where being kind is easy. Children. After all, they are innocent and require nurturing love and support. Those that make it easy to like/love them. And any situation where being kind makes us feel good. Kindness comes naturally.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Love is a choice”? I’ve heard it, understood it in some of my close relationships but I haven’t really applied it in a macro setting until I started pondering kindness. Being kind (which is love) must sometimes be a choice. Being kind when it’s easy makes that act of love simple to perform. But being kind when it’s not so easy, we choose it.

There are people in our lives that make it difficult for us to be kind to them. They may be self-centered, hostile, antagonistic or unfriendly and through they’re actions and words, we easily become offended or angered. Being kind is not a natural reaction for us and likely something we don’t want to be towards them. We essentially make the judgment that these people don’t deserve or have not earned our kindness.

Now, let me ask you a question: If love is kind and we react to these individuals with anger or hostility (even if just in our thoughts) and don’t choose kindness, how are we being loving?

Humans are reactive. When we are threatened with hostility, we often react with hostile thoughts, words or actions. When we are treated with hatred, we find a reason to hate back. When we feel diminished, we often respond with the same attitude. We keep the cycle going. But what if we choose to break the cycle? Rather than reacting with hostility and hatred (whether in our minds or outwardly), we choose kindness? It’s not always easy. But how will this world change if we don’t?


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