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Love Is Patient | The Love Series

seedling_123247What does love feel like? When I think of being love, I imagine feelings of freedom, weightlessness, buoyancy, overwhelming joy, clarity, peace, connectivity and wholeness. It’s the feelings I have when I’m free of emotions such as anxiety, annoyance, anger, worry and heartache. Being patient is defined as able to accept or tolerate delays, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed and anxious. Ergo, patience allows us to rise above anxiety and continue on the path of love.

If love is patient, than patience is an act of love. It is loving yourself and others. If we let anxiety get the best of us, what impact does that create? How does that anxiety affect our ability to relate and connect with others? How does it personally affect our well-being? How do the actions and words that result from anxiety impact those around us? To love is to be patient. And to be patient with ourselves, others and situations is just one way we can demonstrate love.

But being patient isn’t always that easy though, right? We’re stuck in traffic on our way to an important meeting, we are waiting to hear if we got the job while we sit in a position we loathe or we are wondering when all of our hard work is going to pan out. All we have to do is tell ourselves in these situations is to be patient and our anxiety will cease. If only it worked that way!

Patience is a muscle that requires exercise. Until it becomes second nature, we get the opportunity to change our perspectives. Is this a temporary situation? Could it be a learning experience of faith and perseverance? What if this seemingly arbitrary situation is God giving us an opportunity to practice patience or being the best version of ourselves despite the obstacles we face? In the grand scheme of life, is this something worth getting worked up over? Does it really matter? Would we rather continue in love or in anxiety? Which feeling do we  prefer?

Love is patient and patience is a form of love and when we choose love, we create love. Although we may feel impatient during trivial situations throughout the day, these experiences still create an impact. Even the tiniest stone thrown into a pond creates a ripple affect. So let’s ask ourselves – What do I want to create today, tomorrow, this year? Love? Or the fruits that come from the anxiety of impatience?


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