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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar | Rose’s Story of Thriving in a Male Dominated Industry

Male Dominated Industry | Life Coaching Articles | Molly Roman

“You probably got lost because you are a girl.”

“Only a man can really do this job.” 

“Ohhhh did she get mad and become all girly?”

That is what I hear, day in and day out. Chauvinistic men poofing their feathers, attempting to flex their ego’s. Why? Because they are “real” men. Please. Do you want to know what a real man is? A REAL man doesn’t need to prove himself. A real man knows a woman’s worth and that she is equal. A real man recognizes humanity in all people and doesn’t attempt to push others down so he can feel better about himself.

Because I am the first and only female at my company to work in this position and in a male dominated industry, I’m on a team of men. So I am constantly stroking ego’s of my co-workers and customers to stay in the game. What brain do I get to use? None, apparently. Is that how simple men really are? They don’t care about brains? They just want to know that they are the top dog? I’m actually starting to think this is how all guys really are.

So I sit there and hear these generalizations come out of their mouths and think “Do their wives know what they are saying?” Is this acceptable to them? And if these words are congruent to their minds – imagine the children they are going to raise. More generalizing. So it will only continue throughout the generations.

Just another year and I am transferring to a new position. One more year to put up with the bull. Don’t get me wrong, I stand my ground. But it is almost like I’m being taunted or hazed. They want to get under my skin. But they won’t get me down. They won’t stop me. I know exactly what they are trying to do. They want to unsettle me. They want to push me out and put another man in my place. That won’t happen on their accord. If I do leave, it is because I am ready to move on; NOT because of them.



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