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Peace in 3 Steps This Holiday Season

peace in 3 steps

Family relationships can be tough. With the holiday season upon us, we often long for the picturesque family gathering where everyone gets along, feels included and creates lasting memories. So it can be rather difficult when this just isn’t our reality. We may want healed and renewed family relationships, but that doesn’t mean it is a shared goal amongst everyone involved. As a result, we may feel emotional pain, robbing us of our peace and joy.

However, we are not powerless. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 We are not victims. We can create joy and peace in 3 steps right now, even in the midst of derision within our own families.


The first step is acceptance. Accept the situation as it is. We cannot change others and we definitely cannot make them love, like or value us. They may never even try. The sooner we accept the way things are, the faster we will find peace and perhaps be able to enjoy our family holidays.


Don’t expect anything good or bad from your less than satisfactory family relationships. Inaccurately expecting good results creates pain when we discover we are wrong. And expecting poor family interactions sets us up to be defensive from the get go. Both situations steal our peace and rob us of our joy.  


When we feel that members of our family don’t love, like or value us, we may begin to believe their opinion. Let me tell you – their opinion doesn’t matter. The only opinion that matters is GOD’S. And God created you as whole and complete. Who you are, every minute detail God created, is beautiful, capable, loving, creative, unique, kind, valuable, likeable, generous, needed and a gift. Your self-worth lies in God’s perspective, only. He is perfect and His creation – you, me and everyone – is perfect. No one is excluded.

Let this holiday season be different than those of the past. With these 3 steps, you can create contentment which leads to peace and joy. Let your light shine and allow God’s love to flow through you so that you may bring a little joy to everyone you pass over the next several weeks. You and God’s mission for your life are too important to let family dynamics keep you from anything less. 

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