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Purpose and Power: What Are You Creating?

Your Purpose | Life Coaching Tips | Molly RomanThroughout each day, we receive several opportunities to live our purpose. Every decision we make is a choice to live that purpose or not. We can choose to live a life of creating outcomes or one of escaping circumstances. Each generates a result, but only one paves the way for our purpose and the meaningful results our purpose creates in our lives and in the lives of those we touch. This choice, to create or escape, is our power. It’s the sword we wield to command outstanding and rewarding results.

Whether we realize it or not, or accept it or not, we live in a service world. All of us, every single one of us on this planet, are in the service industry. What I do today, throughout the day, impacts you. And what you do (or don’t do) today, impacts me. Making eye contact, giving a smile or complement, holding a door open or simply being present with someone can change their trajectory.

Imagine someone walking through the door feeling desperate, discouraged and uncertain. A few kind words, a genuine interest in their lives and their problems and intentional listening can create feelings of encouragement, hope and clarity. The actions that stem from encouragement, hope and clarity certainly differ from those of desperation, discouragement and uncertainty. Creating a meaningful impact is an extraordinary, yet simple way to live our purpose daily and when our impact changes someone’s trajectory, we demonstrate our power.

We lose this power and deviate from our purpose when we choose to escape circumstances. When we are motivated by our desire to escape, we live from the intention of fear. The intention of fear could be fear of: looking bad, not feeling likeable or loveable, not feeling good enough, not having enough, feeling rejection, feeling lonely, being a failure, being wrong and so on. Fear-based action then creates disconnection, inauthenticity, cruelty, greed, lack, anxiety, depression and discouragement in our lives and in the lives of those we touch. When we live in fear, our ability to impact others severely diminishes. How does our impact compare when we feel anxiety, depression, lack, hatred and disconnection versus when we feel the fruits of living in our purpose – joy, excitement, connection, love, meaning and fulfillment?

All of us are responsible for the outcomes within our families, friendships, organizations and communities. What are you creating today? Who are you being for yourself and for others throughout the day? What is your impact? Are you creating an experience for others where they feel encouraged, cared for and cherished for their unique abilities and best qualities? Or are you escaping and living from the intention of fear thereby giving others your minimum? Are others learning from you that they don’t really matter, that no one believes in them and that things will never change for them? Or are they discovering that even though they put up a tough exterior, you see them; you really see who they are and you go the extra mile for them, perhaps changing their trajectory?

People won’t always show us that our words and actions made a difference to them. Some people enter our lives with a chip on their shoulder or a wall so thick that we think they will never hear us on the other side. We may wonder what point there is in even trying. But all of us, no matter who we are, want to know that we are worthy. We want to know that someone believes in us and that our dreams are actually possible. Through our words and actions, we may hit another’s heartstrings and never know the kind of impact we created for them today or down the road. Our job is to show up and be present for one another. It’s to be kind to everyone no matter the excuse we may have. And always, always, always keep trying to be our best for one another.

All of us on this earth are incredibly powerful, unique and extraordinary. When we see that in one another, the human potential in each of us is released. We can change each other’s lives. We can build each other up. It’s our purpose, our power. It’s our path to creating joy, fulfillment and excitement in our lives and in the lives of those we touch.


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