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Restore Peace in 4 Simple Steps

Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance. But our current environment has been anything but! Coronavirus, financial uncertainty, protests. Some necessary, some we could do without. But here we are. And we will find a way through it. But as we navigate these times, will we restore peace in our lives and in the lives of those we touch? Or will we create more divisiveness? The choice is ours.

Step 1: Give grace abundantly away.

Right now, throw that grace around. Sprinkle it on your dinner and dish it out to everyone you know. The majority of us are under stress and that makes us reactive. And reactions are usually misaligned with how we would like to respond. No one is perfect and remember that fact next time you get upset with someone or their opinions. We all learn and grow every day – you, me, everybody. Give out some grace. Restore peace.

Step 2: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

So I deactivated my facebook account a few weeks ago and recently hopped onto my husband’s account to checkout Marketplace. And then it happened: I hit the newsfeed and was sucked in. Once I pulled myself away, I realized that there was a huge lack of understanding. No one and I mean NO ONE sought to understand someone else’s opinion before demanding that everyone believe and follow what they said. Talk about chaos and divisiveness! I encourage everyone (myself included) to simmer down, and to remember to seek understanding of another’s thoughts, feelings and perspectives before responding. In doing so, we will all benefit and our communication will flow much more generously and peacefully.

Step 3: Live by Example.

Our impact literally never ends, but our opinions do. And while those opinions are at it, they create disagreement and can destroy peace. Have you ever noticed that when someone states an opinion on social media, they get a bunch of ‘likes’ from those that agree and comments from those who don’t? Opinions just rally people who already agree with you around you. It doesn’t create any real change. If you want to change your community, live by example. Do something. Be something. Create change through action and inspire change by example.

Step 4: Limit Your Intake.

The news sells fear to crank up their ratings. And social media is saturated with opinions and reposts of the news. Take a breather from it all. See what life is like without all of the extra noise. Create peace of mind and let your impact flow from there.

Do you have other strategies to restore peace? Share with others in the comment section below.

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