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Welcome to the Verge of Greatness Project!

Thank you verge of greatness coach good at life

For my first post, I just want to share my excitement and gratitude for the amazing women that volunteered to be a part of the Verge of Greatness Project.

In review of my personal experience with these monumental ladies, I see so many humanistic qualities in all of them. Strength, grace, pain, doubt, confusion, disorder, triumph, love, hurt, struggle, excitement, passion, color and creativity. They give hope. They give inspiration. And they tell their stories in such a raw fashion trusting me to see their every aspect of them without judgment. Such an honor.

With each conversation, they give a piece of their self and divulge their intimate details. It is such a gift to be part of their lives in this way. And what is even bigger than sharing their stories with me is that they allow me to share their stories with you, the Reader. With this openness, they send pieces of themselves all over the world planting their lives in the hearts of others. They are courageous. They are valiant. And they are inspiration, muses and friends.

They are you. They are me.

WE are all human and in this humanity, we share strength. We share grace, pain, doubt and confusion. And we share experiences of disorder, triumph, love and hurt. Together and alone, we are excited and passionate. We each bring color to this world and with creativity, we continually design and reinvent this planet.

Elisa, Kate, Rose, Lucy and Sophia thank YOU for your stories. Thank YOU for sharing them. And thank YOU for the gift of being you.

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