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Want to quit?

Here are 3 Steps to Persevere and Keep Going

want to quit
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Often times in life or during the achievement of our goals, we hit a lull and want to quit. No matter what we do, we can’t seem to make traction. It could be that we aren’t seeing the results we wanted or worse, we are actually moving BACKWARDS. As a result, we may pick up bad habits that move us closer and closer to quitting and throw our dreams away.

But, as the great Joseph P Kennedy once said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” So what do you want to do? Get tough and get going? Or do you want to quit? If you would like to follow JFK’s lead, here are 3 tips to stay the course and keep moving forward even when it gets tough.

Get Rid of the Noise.

Our brains can have a lot of disruptive thoughts that inevitably make us want to quit and go down another road. These disruptive thoughts stem from inaccurate perception of our current reality. We get a result, or lack thereof, and we create a perception of this result. That perception then filters to our feelings which then creates action or inaction towards or away from our goals.

So when we hit a static point in our goals or business, we may create inaccurate perceptions such as “This isn’t working”, “Something isn’t right”, “Why am I wasting my time?”, “Maybe I should be doing something else?”, “It’s just not going to happen for me”, “I guess this was a silly dream, after all”, “I just want to quit”. Should we believe these perceptions, we will inevitably stop following our dream.

When we hear these thoughts enter our minds, it’s time to ask ourselves “Is this really true?” And secondly, “what are new perception that will empower and encourage me?” Some could be “What is God teaching me right now?”, “How can I do things differently?” or “Do I really want to quit?” If you’re having trouble coming up with new perceptions, a good friend or coach are helpful assets.

Stop Comparing Yourself.

And I’m going to say it again – STOP IT! Comparing our results to others or comparing our results to our expectations of what we think the results should be will create a discouraging downward cycle and will make us want to quit. When we do side by side comparisons, we see a clear view of where we aren’t and where we want to be. This can move us into self-loathing, self-pity, discouragement and a slew of other weighty feelings that cloud our clarity and halt our traction. So when you feel the comparison bug bite, remind yourself that you are on your own journey, no someone else’s, and give yourself grace and compassion to move through this period.

Stay Close to God.

Talk with God and allow Him to guide you. When we hit a wall or take steps back, it’s time to discern whether this is a lesson God is teaching us or if He truly is guiding us down another path. Focusing on His guidance allows us to ignore our perceptions of our current reality and instead refocus on what God is calling us towards. Does it matter if it appears we are failing when God is guiding us? Nope. Because following God’s call leads us to achievement of our God-given goals, even when it appears as failure.

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