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What No One Tells You About Being Pregnant | The 5 “Joys” Lucy Learned the Hard Way

What no one tells you about being pregnant | Life Coach | Molly RomanNo one tells you this about being pregnant. No one. It’s kind of like a sick joke. Everyone cheers you on when they find out about your new bun in the oven, but what no one tells you about being pregnant – it totally sucks.

We all know about the swollen ankles, the expanding belly, the hormonal changes and bouts of morning sickness. But no one talks about everything else. Yes, it is the miracle of life. I get that. And I love my little boy, dearly. But getting him here… the time of creation was fun, but after that, hold on for a bumpy ride.

What no one tells you about being pregnant that you should absolutely know:

1 – Some women (which no one ever tells you about) experience morning sickness until the END of pregnancy. Yes. It lasts the entire time! That struggle – is real!

2 – There is the fatigue. I really had no idea how extreme this would be. But I could barely keep my eyes open. It was tough. One day, I even fell asleep at my desk! Talk about embarrassing. Thank goodness this symptom disappeared by the end of the first trimester (score one for me!).

3 – Ready for some more? Fear. I didn’t see this one coming at all. But I was in constant fear the entire pregnancy. What if something goes wrong? Why haven’t I felt the baby move yet? Oh my gosh! Why hasn’t the baby moved in a few days? Why am I not getting bigger? My breasts are no longer tender; am I miscarrying? Fear, fear, fear. Always the fear.

4 – Then there was disgust. When a woman is pregnant, her body starts doing some gross things. I can’t even really get into this one. You’ll have to find out for yourself.

5 – Once I moved through disgust, I went back to fatigue. The third trimester is difficult. Everyday, I literally got up, went to work, came home, relaxed and went to bed. My mind felt ‘blah’; I had nothing to contribute to a conversation. And this was probably due to the fact that sleeping wasn’t really sleeping. I would wake up to pee or would toss and turn all night, I always felt tired, frustrated and emotional and I couldn’t handle stress at all. Lots of tears during those few months, and really the whole pregnancy. And apparently, I even became quite the bossy Miss around the house.

But even with all that mess, the important question is: Would I do it again? AB-SO-LUTELY. The oddest part about pregnancy is that after it is all said and done, you really can’t remember how any of it feels (even the childbirth). I remember that these things happened, but I can’t tap into the associated feelings.

What I do remember feeling is elation, joy, excitement, love and confidence about my abilities to be a great mother. 

And because of that, no matter what pain, frustration, emotion, disgusting body change I was going through, I’d daydream about that little angel on his way to me and it made it all bearable. However, don’t get me wrong; I still stand by my distaste of the pregnancy process, but I firmly believe and know in my heart (and from experience) that any suffering through the pregnancy is worth the struggle.

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