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Why Mattering Matters | Life Coaching Articles

why mattering matters | Molly Roman | Life CoachLet me ask you a question. When do you want to stop feeling like dirt in order for everyone else to be happy? This one question is why mattering matters. Is living life as ‘less than‘ and always putting your needs behind others worth the emotional and spiritual self-sacrifice?

So here it is. When we sacrifice ourselves for others, we communicate that we don’t believe we matter. The fact of the matter is, however, that we matter too and self-sacrifice diminishes this. Is knowing we matter ‘confidence’? Eh, kind of. But confidence is more of a consequence of knowing we matter. Is knowing we matter being kind and compassionate with ourselves? Still not quite there, again it’s a consequence of knowing it. Knowing we matter is knowing our value in this world. It is knowing our equality with our counterparts. It is knowing that our voice is just as valuable as the person next to us. [Read more about our human value from our Love Series: Love is Not Envious or Boastful and Love is Not Arrogant or Rude]

When we know we matter, we change the perception we have of ourselves and where we fit in this world. We stand up for ourselves rather than waiting for someone else to do it (if we would even let them!), we place ourselves on the same playing level as everyone else and we no longer sit on the backburner to make someone else feel better or to accommodate their wants at the sacrifice of our ‘self’. We maintain our personal integrity and care for our entire being.

Not until we change this self-perception, will we see change in how others treat us. If we don’t give others the opportunity to change by always keeping things at status quo, then they won’t change. We each matter. We are each a gift to this world. And it is not until we stand up for ourselves that we will be able to fully express that gift and be in unison with our true self.

If you truly don’t see your value, seek it out. Find a way to discover that “ah ha” moment of “HEY! I matter too! And I will not allow myself to be less than at the detriment of my spiritual and emotional health again!” At that point, the entire game will change. Your relationships will change, your career will change, your finances will change and your health will change. Your ENTIRE life will change because you have changed.

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